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CEP’s Areas of Expertise

CEP’s high-impact, expert-level training programs have one goal in mind: to help your company reap immediate benefits and garner significant return-on-investment. Whether you’d like us to design a program for core employees, mid-level management or senior executives, we always begin by defining what you want.

How An Investment In Training Yields Positive ROI

In-House Training Programs Built Specifically For Your Needs

Through an in-depth discussion with you about what’s working at your company and what isn’t, we develop customized training programs tailored especially to your needs.

National Network

Working in tandem with our strategic partner, CEP has developed a national network of training resources to meet and exceed your organizational objectives. CEP has the ability to deliver programs nationwide.  We offer 100+ facilitators, at multiple locations.

Wide Portfolio of Training Services

We offer a diverse range of other beneficial services, including “corporate university” design, executive leadership retreat planning, Board training and development, and workforce development solutions.

Including Regulatory-Specific Services

Moreover, we can provide specialized, regulatory-specific services such as EEO training.

Over 100 Dynamic, Experienced Corporate Trainers

Our faculty consists of over 100 experienced corporate trainers who cover a broad spectrum of learning-based solutions allowing you to access a diverse portfolio of training options.

Perfect Curriculum + Perfect Trainer

Principle Driven Leaders are totally aware of and committed to critical principles that drive their daily routine.

Services Overview

CEP offers a wide range of beneficial training services to support your business’s growth. No matter where you’re located or what type of specialized services you need, CEP can help you reach your goals. Check out some of our most popular options.

  • Customized Training: CEP will design a customized training program that addresses the unique issues confronting your business.
  • Specialized Services: CEP offers a wide range of targeted specialized services, including supervisory and management certification programs, “performance management” program design, leadership retreats, and much more.
  • Principle-Driven Leadership: At its essence, Principle-Driven Leadership is a quid pro quo approach, a symbiotic relationship between CEP and your company.