Customized Training

After a candid discussion about “what’s right” with your company and what your “pain points” are, CEP will design a customized training program that addresses the unique issues confronting your organization. By asking the right questions and listening closely to your answers, we’re able to develop a program that cuts right to the chase, with no fluff.

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Specialized Services

CEP offers a wide range of targeted specialized services, including supervisory and management skills certification programs, customer service program development, “performance management” program design, leadership retreats, and much more. Nothing we do is off-the-shelf — on the contrary, all of our efforts are designed around your company’s unique culture and goals.

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Principle-Driven Leadership

CEP’s mission is to help your organization develop “Principle-Driven Leaders”. Principle Driven Leaders are totally aware of and committed to critical principles that drive their daily routine. They create organizational success because their thinking is correct, solutions focused and predictable. They are action oriented because they know where and “why” they are going. They form your organization’s loyal United Front.

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At Continuing Education Productions, Inc. (CEP), our customized training programs consist of invaluable skills and principles that will help your company make a conscious commitment to changing its daily routine.

Principle-Driven Leadership is the foundation of everything we do. As such, our training programs put a strong emphasis on teaching practical skills and principles, as opposed to relying on hackneyed academic rhetoric. CEP is confident that our 20+ years of consulting experience, coupled with your commitment to changing your daily routine, will provide your company with the boost it needs to reach new heights in terms of profitability and employee morale.

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Our training programs can be tailored to target any employee demographic, including C-level leadership: supervisors, managers, senior executives and emerging leaders. In this instance, we provide your leadership with a core set of proven operational skills and principles that will help instill positive organizational change throughout your company, provided that you consciously incorporate these skills and principles into your company’s culture. The expertise we provide is easy to understand, easy to implement, and designed to generate immediate, recurrent positive results.

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Discover What Principle-Driven Leadership Can Do For You

At Continuing Education Productions, Inc. (CEP), our customized training programs blend practical skills with behavioral principles that will help your company make a conscious commitment to changing its daily routine.

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CEP designed a customized “Supervisory Skills Certification Program” for our leadership team. Their focus on practical skills and principles gave us the guidance we needed to move our team to higher levels of effectiveness and accountability. As a result, we removed production barriers that were holding us back and limiting our success.

Kathy Burns, Human Resource Director, United States Marine, Inc.

Energizing, engaging, and “just what the doctor ordered”. I was amazed at how hungry our team was for skills and leadership principles that WORK. No nonsense and very practical training. We consider CEP a part of our team.

Cindy Foxworth, PHR - Executive Director, Human Resources, Global Financial Aid Services, Inc.

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