About Continuing Education Productions

Continuing Education Productions, Inc was established in 1993 by Wallace G. Long III & Carol P. Moraway specifically to provide practical employee training and professional development training services to business and industry. Positive change occurs when sound principles are translated into practical workplace skills and the organization COMMITS to incorporating these skills and principles into their “Daily Routine”. (Principles + Skills + Commitment = Change) It’s like baking a cake; leave out one ingredient and the cake is “no good”. Our focus is on practical skills, which are easily understood and applied, not “organizational theory”.

One of the primary things that sets CEP apart is the background of Wallace Long. His work in teaching and applying “behavior principles” in both the clinical and business world is unique. We really do understand human behavior, behavior change, and the principles that are the foundation of individual and organizational change.

Mission Statement

CEP’s mission is to share with our clients the essential “Principles and Work Place Management Skills” that create cohesive high performance organizations. Helping our clients “Systematically Commit” to incorporating these principles and skills into the daily routine of their team members is our objective.

Our Leadership Team

Wallace Long
Wallace LongFounder and CEO
Carol Moraway
Carol MorawayCOO & Regional Director - Gulf Coast Region
Leslie Abrahamson
Leslie AbrahamsonCOO & Regional Director - Chicago Region
Diana Patel
Diana PatelStrategic Development Partner